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Tammy's Notes on Fandom, Writing, and Life in General

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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:California, United States of America

About Me
Hi! My name is Tammy. I'm a writer, grad student, SPAG nazi and Apple fangirl with a penchant for superheroes and cute guys (and girls) with guns. I'm also an atheist feminist childfree bitch who doesn't suffer fools easily, so caveat lector.

About This Journal
I'm currently in the process of shifting bases to Dreamwidth, but in the interim, this journal is my safe space. It's where I talk about writing, feminism, and issues of queerness and identity.
Much of the content of this journal is adults-only, and as such, if you're below 18, I request you not friend me. For ethical and CYA reasons, I don't friend empty journals or those without age statements.
Every day is defending amnesty day here at casa swingandswirl. If you feel our interests have diverged, feel free to take me off your list; I won't be hurt or offended.

About My Writing
I currently write het, slash and gen fan fiction for Numb3rs, and I read Numb3rs, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Superman/Batman fandoms.
While I do have some favourite pairings, I'm polyshippic and will read and write pretty much anything that's well-written and not dark/non-con. However, my favourite character is Special Agent Colby Granger, and he features in the vast majority of my stories.

My Fannish Activities
I currently co-mod colby_don, a community dedicated fic and art featuring Special Agents Don Eppes and Colby Granger. I'm also a regular participant at rounds_of_kink, numb3rs100 and n3_kinkmeme.
As for other fannish activities, I'm a fair beta, so if you have a fic that needs looking over, feel free to drop me a line via PM or my username at gmail.

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